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To make a pizza that keeps people talking, eating, and sharing with family & friends, you have to start in the neighborhood. At least that’s the way we saw it in 1988 when we opened the very first location. Back then, Founder Varol Ablak started a tradition of taste that would eventually deliver Vocelli Pizza into the national spotlight.

vocelli quality

Founded on artisan recipes, we earned a distinct reputation for quality taste for the serious pizza eater. Starting with our daily hand-tossed dough, mixed with extra virgin olive oil, our award-winning pies are then topped with our private-labeled sauce, made from freshly-packed, vine-ripened tomatoes and covered with 100% Real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. Each pie is then finished with only market-fresh toppings — from the little pepperoni that cups and curls on each pizza, to snow white mushrooms and crisp green peppers, to savory pepperoni and farm fresh sausage.

The name “Vocelli” represents our high quality products, including a wide variety of artisan pizzas made to signature taste standards. Fresh, made-to-order strombolis, house baked subs, salads, and appetizers perfect the Vocelli experience. Today, Vocelli Pizza has grown to nearly 100 east coast locations with each one making a positive impact.

initial investment

The example below gives a breakdown of costs:

  • Franchise Fee - $20,000
  • Opening Inventory - $3,000 to $9,000
  • Advertising (Grand Opening) - $5,000 to $8,000
  • Signage - $5,000 to $7,000
  • Leasehold Improvements - $50-000 to $114,700
  • Equipment/Supplies - $50,000 to $123,000
  • Miscellaneous Expenses - $2,000 to $6,000
  • Additional Working Capital* - $10,000 to $25,000
  • Training Expenses - $1,000 to $5,000
  • Liquor License (optional) - $0 to $80,000

* Working Capital will vary based on your experience, management skills, business acumen, local economic and competitive conditions, how quickly break-even is achieved and whether you are developing single or multiple stores.

Financial Qualifications

Minimum net worth of $250,000 per restaurant; and $150,000 in cash, liquid assets, available financing or a combination of the above*.

* Additional qualifications and requirements may be needed.

Locations and Lease

The store space and location are the responsibility of the franchise partner. However, we will assist you in finding an acceptable location. Each franchise store will be granted a Delivery Zone. In other words, we won't open another Vocelli Pizza right next door. Multiple store development territories are available for qualified, prospective franchise partners.

Q & A

With the rapid growth of Vocelli Pizza, are prime territories still available?

We have only begun to tap the national market. Many territories are still available.

How well can I do with a Vocelli Pizza franchise?

The success of your franchise store is dependent on many factors including: (1) your business acumen, (2) prior experience in the related industry, (3) your willingness to follow a proven system, (4) the "sweat equity" applied to your business and (5) your ability to manage the financial aspects of your business and personal life.

What are the franchise fees and royalties?

Currently the franchise fee for a single unit is $20,000. The royalty fees are 5% of sales.

How much must I spend on marketing?

The primary focus of the Marketing Program is to engage in programs that enable us to increase sales measurably, while creating a bond with our local communities and neighborhoods. Vocelli Pizza is committed to supporting franchisees with help to increase their sales and profitability. Stores contribute 1% to Vocelli's National Advertising Group; 1% is used by the National Cooperative for national programs and services with all other marketing expenses focused on local store marketing activities.

Do I have to buy my food and equipment from the Corporate Office?

Franchisees secure their inventory and equipment through approved third party distributors. Vocelli works to select the assortment of products and equipment necessary to produce our signature products. We negotiate on behalf of the franchise community to secure competitive pricing. This helps insure that the consumer experience is the same regardless of the geographical location of our units and allows our franchisees to focus on delivering great service and fresh products.

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